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Strategy Companion Analyzer (http://www.strategycompanion.com/) is a great web based cube browser that our company offers to clients. I recently had to assist with troubleshooting some connectivity issues at a new site.

Now, there are two types of users in Analyzer: Report Designers that can create new reports and modify existing ones and Users that can only interact with created reports. The client had performed the software installation themselves and the Report Designers could connect to the cubes without a problem but not the standard Users (See Figure 1 below). The installation involved a split environment where Analyzer was installed on a Web server which in turn connected to a separate Analysis Services server.

I immediately thought it was because the users did not have read access to the cube in Analysis Services but a little test connecting to the cube using Excel confirmed that this was not the case. Bummer.

Figure 1 Report Connectivity Issues

While testing with one of the Report Designer logins I received the same connectivity issue as the users had received. It turns out that Report Designers could access the cube when browsing to http://localhost/analyzer/Main.aspx (when on the Analyzer server) but not when they browsed to http:///analyzer/Main.aspx. The client had not experienced this issue as the Report Designers had been logging into the server and had always used localhost.

After a little digging around on the Analyzer discussion forums I found out that the user’s credentials can only be passed between two machines when using Windows Integrated Authentication. To circumvent the problem, we had to temporarily disable Windows Authentication in IIS for the Analyzer website and enable Basic Authentication. This at least allowed the users to connect to the cube but they had to enter their credentials each time the website was accessed.

The ideal solution is to setup Kerberos authentication between the Web and Analysis Servers and then users will be able to access the cube using Windows Authentication.


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