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tX2012 was released earlier in the month and we will be upgrading a lot of out clients to this new version. One would assume that you could export your timeXtender project created in 4.5.X and then just import it into tX2012 but unfortunately it’s not that straight forward. If you do try this, you’ll get the error message below:

In order to perform a successful upgrade, backup your 4.5.x projectRepository database. Uninstall timeXtender 4.5.x and install tX2012. After opening the new application, point it to the restored database. You will then be prompted with the following popup:





Click on the Upgrade button. You will then be presented with another pop-up confirming if you would like to use Local files or the Web service method. Select Web service and wait while your project database is upgraded.

I┬ádid receive an error message after the upgrade process (see below) but my upgraded projects processed without any issues despite this. A call has been logged with the timeXtender support team and I’ll update the post as soon as I have more information.

In conclusion: upgrade your project in a Development or QA environment first and perform thorough testing before upgrading your Production environment.


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